29 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

Turning 30 won’t happen until April 2019, but I actually am really looking forward to this new decade of my life. My 20s were full of crazy and fun adventures but also hold a lot of heartbreak and bittersweet memories. I spent 2/3 of my 20s getting my college degrees, dating the best and the worst types of guys, getting tattoos, making friendships and losing friendships, and worked a total of 9 different jobs (usually 2-3 jobs at a time). I also moved to a different state, bought my first car and ran her to the ground, bought a second car (brand new this time), moved to Washington, moved back to California, got married, and had a baby. You guys, I have memories of riding the bus to middle school thinking that high school seemed so far away. And then again in high school, I couldn’t even imagine being in college…I also thought 25 was “old” and all I wanted in the world was to get my belly button pierced. My how things have changed since then! It’s so weird to look back on those years and realize how much time and life has gone by. 

I think that turning the page to a new decade of life is so exhilarating – though 90% of what I see online and in articles casts “turning 30” in a negative light. But like….why?! The thought of turning 30 is SO EXCITING TO ME! There is so much life to be lived still, and I am running toward my 30th birthday. Mostly because I’m totally fine with leaving my 20s in the rear view. They were good, but I know my 30s will be so much better.

There are so many things I want to do and accomplish before I turn 30, so I made a list and wanted to share it with you today. Hopefully it inspires you to look forward to your next big birthday instead of cringe at it, and know that you don’t have to have it all together or have accomplished all the things to be living a full, wonderful life. The ones in bold are what I’ve accomplished so far:

29 things before 30

1. go sky diving for the first time
2. journal once a week
3. learn a new recipe and memorize it
4. go camping
5. read one book per month (9 more books to go!)
6. go to 6 flags and universal studios
7. get a disneyland annual pass again
8. sign up for a half marathon
9. go on a trip just John and I, and leave the baby with grandma
10. brainstorm my very first eBook
11. read the Bible and do devotionals every day
12. make new friendships
13. travel outside the US
14. get pregnant with our second baby
15. reach $20k in savings
16. go out in nature once a week
17. try something new
18. visit a new city
19. go surfing with John
20. get back into yoga
21. learn something new about myself
22. do something I never thought I would do
23. get back into photography
24. learn the guitar again
25. visit my brother and sister in law in PA
26. bloom where I am planted
27. get back into painting
28. buy an iPad pro and make something with procreate
29. create a new wardrobe to celebrate turning 30 (still working on this one!)

I’ll post this list again when I turn 30 – I hope to have marked everything off of it by then! ❤

Note: The strike-though ones are going to have to be ones I check off after our next baby is born!

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