5 Important Things Every Married Couple Should Talk About

Maybe your marriage is one where it’s hard to bring up certain subjects, or maybe your marriage is one where you feel like you can talk about anything and everything. John and I have been on both ends of the spectrum, and thankfully we’ve worked hard to stay on the “talk about anything and everything” side! Learning how to be effective communicators will strengthen, sharpen, and deepen your relationship. Especially so after you’ve become parents! Continue reading

7 things I learned in my first 3 months of marriage


John and I are coming up on our 3 month anniversary of being married – it’s really exciting 🙂 We are at the point where we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to living together, we’ve developed a somewhat routine, we’ve purchased the majority of the “newly married house things,” and life’s been pretttyyy good. There are also some interesting adjustments that being newly married brings too – like now living further from friends and family than is preferred, newly-married obligations, learning some new and not-so-romantic things about your partner in crime…but all in all marriage is pretty much the coolest adventure I’ve been on.

Here are a few things I discovered during our first 3 months of marriage: Continue reading