The Mini Apartment Blog exists to inspire and encourage women who are entering the seasons of marriage + motherhood to live vibrantly, stay happy, and stay sane as we all learn how to find magic in everyday moments.

Here, you’ll be introduced to the real-girl mom and the real-girl wife: She is brave and she is strong. She is real, and she is raw. She seeks solid friendships, and a cultivates community around her. She is creative yet grounded. She searches for silver linings throughout struggles and trials. She chooses joy, and holds fast to truth and goodness. She has walked through valleys, yet her faith can move mountains. She is resilient, she is lovely, and she is original. She is…you!

The Mini Apartment Blog is currently having an open call for blog post submissions with topics on marriage + motherhood! If you feel compelled to share your story, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours with more details about being featured. Relevant posts on the topics of marriage and/or motherhood are required to be considered for a guest post. Please choose one topic from either drop down menu, or choose from both drop down menus if your topic relates to more than one subject.

I cannot WAIT to introduce you and welcome you into this vibrant community of real-girls who, just like you, are finding their own magic in everyday moments.


In the meantime grab some coffee, get cozy, and click on one of the links below to read some beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging essays from real-girls sharing raw experiences during their seasons of marriage + motherhood!