Husband Approved Green Smoothie

The Mini Apartment - Husband Approved Green Smoothie Recipe.JPGI love to make smoothies and shakes of all kinds – breakfast ones, meal replacement ones, post workout ones, protein ones – I’m a fan of it all. Except for the “green smoothie.” I’ve never tried to put greens in a smoothie, though I’ve heard it’s a healthy thing to do. But I’d rather eat my leafy greens in a salad, thanks. John told me he tried a kale one once and afterwards decided he would rather have his greens in salads, too. Taste test = 2/10.

I was at Costco the other day stocking up on my favorite things to buy in bulk for John and I (more on shopping for two at Costco later), and decided to add this giant 1.5lb bag of power green mixed salad to my cart on a whim. I normally don’t buy salad in bulk, but here’s how I became convinced to do so this time: Continue reading

Rasblueberry Muffins with Pecans

All day the weather has been begging me to bake. Seriously give me a rainy, blustery, and cloudy day and I’ll give you ALL THE BAKED THINGS. They just go hand in hand 🙂 Living in San Diego though, we don’t see days like this…like…ever.

It’s usually just sunshine and blue skies which is totally some people’s cuppa tea, but mine lies in the Northwest with rain storms, cold temps, trees everywhere and snow! But since I can’t have that glorious weather for now, I’ll take any “chilly” weather I can get in SD. And by chilly I mean 63 degrees. LOL.

IMG_1190 Continue reading