The Only Marriage Advice You’ll Need To Get Through The First Few Years

Tomorrow, John and I will be celebrating two years being married ❤ Hip hip hooray! I feel like these two years just flew by, mostly because we became pregnant 6 months into year one and spent the better half of year two adjusting to being a family of three. Through all we’ve experienced together since saying I Do, I can say that our love has grown deeper, our relationship stronger, and our hearts bigger. Even though it hasn’t all been roses, we’ve made huge efforts to create a strong foundation that will not waver through hard times. We definitely aren’t experts at marriage (I won’t take that title until we’ve passed the 20 year mark haha!), but we’re learning how to make it work better and better every day.

Every year of marriage is a milestone to celebrate! Especially the young ones, before you hit those milestones of double digits. So I wanted to share a few significant nuggets that I’ve learned throughout these two amazingly beautiful years of our marriage that have helped us grow stronger, become closer, and fiercely love each other despite any circumstance: Continue reading

how to make your marriage ten times stronger by doing one simple thing

John and I have been together almost 4 years now, and two of those years we’ve spent married. We’ve had mostly ups out of our ups and downs, had to figure out how eachother processes and understands things, and we’ve allowed ourselves to become more and more vulnerable as our relationship has progressed.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are countless things that you can do for your marriage to make it stronger! These include taking marriage enrichment classes, joining a married’s small group through church, reading marriage-related books together, knowing each other’s love languages……..but there’s one major thing you need to do well in order to see those other things happen. Scroll down to read how to start to perfect this crucial aspect of your marriage. ❤

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7 things I learned in my first 3 months of marriage


John and I are coming up on our 3 month anniversary of being married – it’s really exciting 🙂 We are at the point where we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to living together, we’ve developed a somewhat routine, we’ve purchased the majority of the “newly married house things,” and life’s been pretttyyy good. There are also some interesting adjustments that being newly married brings too – like now living further from friends and family than is preferred, newly-married obligations, learning some new and not-so-romantic things about your partner in crime…but all in all marriage is pretty much the coolest adventure I’ve been on.

Here are a few things I discovered during our first 3 months of marriage: Continue reading