My Skin Care Must-Haves

My skin and I have had a love/dislike relationship for quite some time now…I feel like I’ve tried everything in the book to get healthy, acne-free, glowing skin and just within the last couple years I finally feel like nowww I have my skin somewhat where I want it.

So today I thought I’d share a few face skincare products that have actually worked for me,  because it’s about stinkin time I found products that have visible, real results! If you try any of them at home on your own let me know how they worked for you! 🙂

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July 4th Outfit Inspiration

My most favorite part about 4th of July are the fireworks! When I lived in Washington, e v e r y o n e was allowed to set off their own fireworks right in their front yard. So cool! But in California where I’m living now, it’s SO illegal. Last year John and I spent our first 4th together in his quaint forest hometown of Ridgefield, WA where they have an old fashion fireworks parade ever year. We skipped rocks by the river, ate some great BBQ food, and listened to the train go through town as the fireworks went off above the lake. The 4th before that, I spent watching rocket-sized fireworks 30 yards away from where we were sitting at the house I lived in over Summer 2013! I’m telling ya, if there’s a place to be for an awesome fireworks show it’s Washington.

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Casual-Chic Office Style

I am THRILLED to announce I just got my first official, salaried, full time, my-own-desk-and-phone job. I am now working at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, CA as the Director + Designer of Elementary  Ministries ❤ 😀 And I’m told that apparently getting a full time job at this mega-church one week after only one interview isn’t something that happens everyday, so I am completely excited and humbled that they chose me to represent their Elementary Ministries.

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE pattern mixing, wearing brights, and putting twists on trends. I’ve been playing around with some fun office-chic fashion, and I’ve decided I need to do some minor shopping to keep up with my boss’ fashion sense 😛 Continue reading

Neons + Stripes, And Thoughts On Trends

Since I attend a huge university, I get the pleasure enjoyment torture experience? of seeing all the latest trends happen all over the place…both the good and the bad. Here are some of the ones I’m seeing across campus a LOT:

— The unicorn dyed hair: something I was doing long before it was a trend and was over it just as quickly, just saying!
— White converse + leggings: This is everywhere on campus. I don’t even know why it’s a trend.
— The cotton shirt dress + white converse: Cute trend but the girls at my school don’t seem to know the difference between a too-short shirt worn as a dress, and a shirtdress. Ack.
— The lob: I’m loving this hair movement, but my hair has just gotten to long lengths so I’m not going to hop on that bandwagon yet. Maybe when I’m 30 and a chic soccer mom.
— Brights + Neons: always loving this one when done right!
— The flannel-tied-around-your-waist-trend: Not my favorite. So many cuter options than just tying it around your waist!
— The everyday-I-look-like-I’m-going-to-coachella trend: …No. Just…no.

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Floral Blues

So I have this thing for floral. Any color, pattern, style…if it’s floral, I must have it! Shoes, purses, shorts, skirts, unmentionables….ahem. It’s probably the biggest selection of pattern that I have hanging in my closet! So when I found this gem out shopping the other night at H&M, of course since it was floral (and structured very nicely) I had to have it. And the price wasn’t bad either — $12.95!! What!


Styled: Sandals by Target (similar here), Jeans by Forever21, Necklace by Anthropologie (similar statement piece here).

IMG_8914I paired it with black and white polka dot shorts from H&M the second day, and a fedora from Lucky both of which I bought forever ago.

I must have worn this top about 3 times the week I bought it (once to class, once on a date with John, and once to work). I love it. I mean if it’s not to the same place and no one saw you wear it earlier then it’s fine right?! 😀