What I learned during my break from blogging

I was pounding out blog posts several times a week when I started The Mini Apartment, and had all kinds of fresh topics I couldn’t wait to write about. I started this blog right as Summer approached, and I thought I had all the time in the world to devote to it. I soon realized that would not be the case, when I started my new job after grad school, I soon realized it was going to consume all of my free time (and sanity). So cue my unintentional and unplanned blogging break, which lasted roughly 6 months.

THE MINI APARTMENT break from blogging

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7 Days to Becoming a Better Person

become a better person.jpg

So often we can get caught up with getting ahead of everyone else, making that money,  having it all together, getting engaged first, getting married first, getting the most likes, getting more followers, etc… The trend here is that all of these things are focused inward, on ourselves. This mindset is unhealthy and can leave us feeling empty inside, never fully satisfied or content without own lives.

The great thing about this is that we can turn that mindset around by changing our perspective from “how can I benefit me,” to “let me benefit you.” Because who wants to be someone who only looks out for their own best interests? What fun is there in thinking of how just you can personally benefit from situations all the time, instead of how we can be a benefit to others? Nope. Life is not about focusing on ourselves, it’s about being compassionate to others, looking out for others, and being a blessing to others! This is how we will get to experience the fullness of living a good life. And, you can do so in just seven days 🙂 So if you want to become a more selfless human, take these steps into action over the next week and see how it changes your life: Continue reading

How to not feel burned out, when you totally are

I’m usually really good at powering through less-than-ideal situations and long hours with little time to do anything for myself all while keeping my composure. Usually. However, my second to last semester in grad school has really been one for the books…I don’t think I have ever been busier in my entire life, nor felt so stretched as far as what all I did during a normal week. I could definitely say that for the first time in my life: I was totally burned out.

In all things, I think that keeping (or at least trying to keep) a positive and optimistic outlook is the best way to cope. And since I felt on the brink of a meltdown several times slightly stressed this semester over my schedule, I decided to try some stuff out so I wouldn’t always feel burned out (even though I totally am burned out). If you are currently feeling like you’re juggling too many of life’s lemons, try some of these ideas out like I have and I promise it will get better 🙂


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My Secret To Natural Beauty

Quick, what are the first things that pop into your head when you think of “natural beauty?” If I’m guessing right, you thought of physical traits…for example, having sunkissed skin, tousled frizz-free hair, and probably what the person who “I woke up like this” was deemed after might look like. Right? Yeah. And the reason being is what the majority of the world sees as natural beauty is exactly that: physical traits only, perfect skin, straight teeth…ya know. Well let me let you in on a little secret, real-girls: true Natural Beauty is not physical.

THE MINI APARTMENT natural beauty secrets

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Productive Things To Do On A Sunday

I LOOOVE me some lazy days. Especially so when I’ve had a long workweek, am in the midst of wedding planning, scheduling blog posts, and working on new inventory for Stick & Stone Co. …lazy days where I get to do NOTHING are gems! However, I also am a sucker for being organized, prepared, making lists, and getting stuff done. So in order to prepare for a wonderfully stress-free week ahead, Sundays are usually my days to map out the things I have to do to stay on my A game. In order to have a productive week with my schedule, planning ahead is mandatory!

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